Policies & Procedures

Description of Sequential Procedure: Policies & Procedures

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Overview of the Sequential Procedure for Obtaining the MS Degree

The process of completing the M.S. involves four main steps. Each step is described with the associated form below. One of the more confusing aspects of belonging to a joint program is determining which forms at which university you are required to complete. There are general forms that all students complete (e.g. the program of study form) and then institution specific forms.. Delineation of which forms you are required to complete and submit are discussed in the next two paragraphs.

If your Supervising Professor is at UTSA, all forms must be submitted with original signatures of all committee members to the Program Office at UTSA. Paperwork will be processed through the Program Office (Corina Menier). It will not be necessary to complete the UTHSCSA forms. If the form requires the signature of Dr. Jean Jiang (as a COGS Chair), please take the form to Marcus Webster's office and he will sign and forward the form to the Program Office at UTSA.

If your Supervising Professor is at UTHSCSA, you will submit the appropriate UTHSCSA forms to Marcus Webster at the Program Office at UTHSCSA. It will not be necessary to complete the UTSA forms. It is recommended that you make a copy of each form before submitting it to either of the Program Offices. This protects you in case the form is lost.

Which forms do I complete for my degree?

Please see Forms for Master's degree.