Welcome to the Multiphase Flow Simulation Laboratory

      Multiphase flow is a flow of several phases. Examples include two-phase flows of gas-solid, gas-liquid or liquid-solid, and three-phase flows of gas-liquid-solid. It has direct applications in many industrial processes including riser reactors, bubble column reactors, fluidized bed reactors, dryers, and particle separators. Many environmental flows and biological flows are also multiphase flows. Our lab is primary dedicated to developing numerical simulation models for multiphase flows. An overriding objective of our research is to improve our understanding of many multiphase flows utilizing computer simulations. We also conduct experimental research to validate our numerical models. Our research is mainly supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Energy (DOE).

The main research topics in our lab are:

  • Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of heat, mass and momentum transfer between particles and fluids
  • Modeling of particle segregation, clustering and agglomeration in particulate flows
  • Developing constitutive equations/closures for two-fluid model such as MFIX
  • Investigating the effect of particle shape on its interaction with surrounding fluid