ME 4773/5493 Robotics @ UTSA

Fall 2016

       - Animated Face, HW YouTube link
       - Manipulator Curves, HW YouTube link

Finals Question - Draw what robot you would like to build (pdf) About 6 MBs)

Student projects (click title to get project report)

Hardware Project
  1. The Useless Machine, Matthew Weyandt (YouTube video)
  2. The Useless Shipping Box, Jacob Hiller and Royce Peters
  3. Vibration based robots: climbing and running robots by Thamer Al Ahmadi, Nafel Alotaibi, Abdulaziz Alshamardl (Running YouTube video) (Climbing YouTube video)
  4. Proto pedal, John McAngus
  5. Variable position and force control of a pneumatic actuation system, Jeremy Krause. (Appendix) (Position Control, YouTube Video) (Force Control, YouTube Video)
Software Projects
  1. Playing flappy bird using a model predictive control, Matthew Piper
  2. Parallel Parking of a differential drive car, Mario Chapa (YouTube video)
  3. Determining accuracy of an abb irb1600 manipulator and forming common reference frame with a faro arm, Geoffrey Chiou
  4. Curve fitting for UTSA Mascot Rowdy, Ryan Kinsey and Jose Perez (ppt) (zipped MATLAB files)
  5. Polarizing Rowdy, Bradley Hammond (zipped MATLAB files)
  6. Quarter scale robotics positioning system, Andres Favela
  7. Simulation of a Jumping Two Link System With End Mass, Christian Wahrmund
  8. Validation and testing of IROS Robot reachability package, Ahmed Abdelmawgoud
  9. Training a Robotic manipulator, Jonathan Sackett (YouTube video)
  10. Versatile and Energy Efficient Walking for the Simplest Biped, Ali Zamani
  11. Adaptive Control of a 2 degree of freedom Manipulator lifting a mass, Robert Brothers
Project presentation photos (link)